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In this current market a few things are becoming increasingly clear. The numbers of listings are increasing, and each listing has to compete harder for a potential buyer in the marketplace.

The old adage "give them just enough so they will call to find out more" is gone. Currently, potential buyers will see an incomplete listing and simply move on to the next.

It is essential that sellers present their property with complete and comprehensive information. There is evidence in the market that a more comprehensive listing sells faster and for a higher amount.


About Sketching Services

We will go to your property, measure it, and then provide you with a detailed sketch you can add to your listing.  This sketch will include interior room placements, measurements, the overall Gross Living Area (GLA) of the house, as well as the amenities attached to the house (i.e. decks, patios, garages, etc.). As an appraiser, we are also trained in and understand ANSI, Fannie Mae, and FHA standards as they relate to measuring homes.

As a result, you will have a more accurate report of the total living area of the property that you can use to create a competitive property listing.


Introductory Offer

We will do the first two property sketches for each agency for free under the condition that we are able to meet with your office during one of its sales meetings, explain what we do, and answer any questions.

Sketch Services

We will go to your property and measure it, provide a detailed sketch you can add to your listing, and provide you with the detail for indicating room sizes, etc. for your listing.

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